Massage At GlowMassage in West Seattle

We offer  massage in West Seattle to a wide range of clients from young to the elderly, pregnant women and athletes. Our highly trained and experienced therapists will work with you to choose the therapy that is right for your body.

What is Therapeuatic Massage?

Therapeutic massage encourages changes in the body. It promotes pain relief, increases mobility and reduces stress. Very often our patients come in with a specific complaint like frozen shoulder. They also come in wanting general stress relief. We offer many different modalities  including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Abdominal Massage, and Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

The approach can vary from superficial/ gentle to deep. It may be focused on a specific area or more generalized. They will ask detailed questions about the nature of you complaint including the location, how long you have had the compliant and the intensity. One treatment will feel great and offer short term relief. We recommend more than 1 treatment for  lasting affects.  Your therapist will recommend a frequency of treatment for best results.

Benefits of Massage.
  • Less Stress. Within the first session massage has been proven to decrease stress hormone cortisol, lower heart rate and regulate blood sugar.
  • Better posture. Looser muscles. Overtime, regular massage can improve posture
  • Improved circulation. Massage works to increase circulation allowing injured areas to heal.
  • Increased flexibility. Massage gently breaks up scar tissue and adhesions allowing for greater flexibility
  • Decreased pain. This is key for many patients. If you have been sidelined we aim to help you return to your normal activities as soon as possible.