Kristin Baron, LMT, Massage Therapist, Doula

Picture Kristen Baron Massage, Doula Seattle WA
About Kristin

Kristin graduated from the Renton Technical College Massage program in 2010. She started her massage practice working with injury clients and became increasingly interested in how trauma affects the body.  She sought out educational opportunities designed to learn how the nervous system and muscular system work together to facilitate healing.

She discovered and began training in Craniosacral Therapy and saw dramatic changes in her clients’ progress with this modality.  Kristin’s theory is that small or large, a traumatic experience can have dramatic effects.  The body doesn’t care how a situation looks from the outside, if the “Fight or Flight” response begins and isn’t soothed or rectified, long term crisis can occur.  Physical assault, sexual trauma, serious illness or injury can cause post-traumatic stress symptoms that last for years and interfere with a healthy state of being.  This lead to further study of how to integrate deep tissue work with emphasis on physiological processes combined with more subtle modalities that positively impact the energy of the body.

Kristin continued to further her education by training as a Doula at the Simkin Center in Bastyr University. Motivated by her own fertility issues, she pursued the study of fertility health, pelvic care and both pre- and postnatal healthcare.  With a strong desire to combine these forms of body work to address systemic trauma, she focused on skill-building, creating a toolbox of appropriate bodywork;  with a renewed focus toward helping her clients return to optimal health.



Cleaning congestion in the pelvis, relaxing tense muscles, bringing circulation to the womb and normalizing hormone levels can support fertility and sustain a healthy pregnancy.  Postpartum pelvic care can stabilize a traumatized system, both physiologically and emotionally.    Kristin offers sessions that can process loss, difficult  births, or lingering pain.  With the belief that our bodies are resilient, her sessions offer you time to listen to yours and reconnect with it.



Rewarding experiences take many forms. Kristin is experienced working with a diverse landscape of fertility and all the outcomes that people experience regardless of gender orientation, financial background, race or beliefs.  She uses an integrated body work style with modalities in Deep tissue, Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, Visceral work, Reflexology, cupping  and Moxibustion.



Joining the team at Glow Natural Health will bring Kristin one step closer to working with the folks who need her most.  She is available to see clients at Glow on Tuesdays 2-8 and Thursdays 9-2.



Kristin also offers Full Spectrum Doula work and can be reached at her website